Here in the Llanthony Valley there are miles of mountain and moorland before you. Buzzards fly above the red sandstone cliffs of the Darren, where the peregrine falcon also nests, and ravens croak on the wilder parts of the mountain.

Poets and painters, writers and journalists, have all loved this landscape. JMW Turner included our farmhouse when he painted the Abbey in 1794. The irrascible romantic poet, Walter Savage Landor, built his house on the farm in 1807, and entertained his friend Robert Southey there. (Southey once described Landor as a good second rate poet - a strange way of thanks.)

Eric Gill, the engraver and typographer, together with the painter David Jones, set up an artists colony at Capel-y-ffin in the 1920s.

Elspeth Huxley, writer of famous books on Africa, had a house in the valley. And one of Britain's most famous diarists, the Reverend Francis Kilvert, regularly walked over the mountain from Clyro in the 1870s recording vivid views about the Llanthony Valley.

Coming to our own times, Bruce Chatwin was inspired to write "On the Black Hill" after staying on a neighbouring farm when he was a boy. Most recently, the book "Resistance" by Owen Sheers, was filmed at Llanthony itself. This film, starring Michael Sheen and Andrea Riseborough (Made in Dagenham), has just been released.